Introducing LDR Technologies to Ministry of tourism

LDR technologies Lanka (PVT) Ltd is in formation to introduce the award winning location-based mobile application platform mainly for development of tourist industry in Sri Lanka. We have many historical and ecological location in Sri Lanka with different climatic conditions which could be reached in four to six hours of travel time. Most of the highly attractive locations have not been properly discovered and hence location information and historical and other important information are not available. LDR Technology’s location based mobile technology could play a major roll to promote not only direct tourism but also tourism relegated other industries in Sri Lanka.
LDR Singapore and Sri Lanka senior Management team met the tourism cabinet minister, Honorable John Amaratunga   to introduce the LDR technology platform to ministry of tourism in Sri Lanka. LDR Technologies Sri Lanka is very passionate to work with the ministry of tourism in Sri Lanka, using its LDR world class innovative technology.